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Questions and answers

How often do the “public organization for the protection of human rights, health and well-being” meet?

Information about all our events, including the time and place, we publish on our website on the main page, in order to get to the event, you need to register by clicking on the appropriate button under the event and all the necessary information will come to you shortly by mail!

Do I have to be a member to participate?

All events are of a public nature, anyone can be present!

How to become a member of our organization?

In order to become a member of our organization, it is necessary to apply for membership using the form on our website, or in person through the public reception during working hours!

How to join a union?

The Workers' Rights Project is currently just starting, however, you can apply for provisional membership using the electronic form, specifying your contact details and place of work and position. In the future, you will need to fill out the appropriate application for membership. And you can not worry about your labor rights, the trade union will write all the necessary statements for you in case of violation of your rights!

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